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In this sense, Pholus is expansive in the opposite direction, in the direction of fragmentation.

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Pholus is like ET, or like any animal that comes into contact with us, or a person from a different culture, an "alien". We may commune with it, or be afraid of it, or try to put it away, or mock at it, or put it down and manipulate it, just as we do with animals, with pain, with our shadows, with foreigners, racial minorities, homosexuals, etc The Saturn part, to me, speaks of how Pholus brings this to our daily lives so that we are forced to face it. If we ignore it, it becomes very destructive.

Pholus bridges us toward the light, which is a paradox because light is supposed to be in the Sun, but by being so "wild" and reaching so far away from the Sun it has a freedom that the other "solar" orbits don't have. And it is because of this freedom that its orbital flight resembles big birds, which are able to fly away to the heights where in freedom they are closer to the source of life.

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Hansen in "American Astrology" of December , who cites records in Odense. The complexity of Hans C. His father was a shoe-maker, and his biography looks as that of "Ugly Duckling" himself. This lunar signature is evident in what the Britannica says of him: " part of what makes some of the tales so compelling is Andersen's identification with the unfortunate and the outcast.

A strong autobiographical element runs through his sadder tales; throughout his life he perceived himself as an outsider, and, never satisfied that he was completely accepted, he suffered deeply in his closest personal relationships. The problem is that some people believe this to be something that is happening in the sky "out there", in the cosmos. These people like to think that astrology deals with our relationship to the cosmos or to the sky.

This is a nice idea, but it is fallacious. Ecliptical aspects happen in the one-dimensional space of a line, as opposed to the two-dimensional "plane" or screen of the celestial sphere, so that, to me, it is obvious that they don't chart the circumstances of the sky as we perceive them. We are charting not the planets but their abstract coordinates, in what has the properties of a map of the flow of time, not a map of the heavens.

In a chart, "before" and "after", past and future, have become distances in space, as in a calendar. In this case the latitude of Pholus was at the moment 22s19, and that of the Moon was 4n Their angular separation in the sky was To illustrate the possible meaning of this, let's compare with the data of David Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam" serial killer, which is found in Richard Nolle's site: he was born June 1, at p.

Normally, one would make no distinction between the 2 types of conjunctions. Pholus has an orbital period of just over 92 years, and crosses the orbits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as many, many other Centaurs. As such, all things Pholus seem to involve the transgression of known boundaries and limits; to exceed expectations of the effects or consequences; and to reach out to unusual distances in time and space. Thus, this includes multigenerational effects three generations is usual and the release of effects from causes that exist primarily in prior generations.

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As such it can refer to events that seem to have a small cause and a big effect: chance encounters, seemingly small decisions or passive inquiries that result in changes far greater than you would expect. Any time you encounter such an effect, check for a transit to or from Pholus. In , there was another significant "second of its kind discovery" within a class of planets: that of the first planet beyond the Pluto-Charon binary system -- the as yet unnamed QB1.

The Kuiper Belt is now known to be home to millions of objects, which have become the cutting edge of astrology and of planetary astronomy. In this and many other ways, Pholus is associated with releasing, multiplying and expanding, though the most poignant concept so far assigned to the planet comes from Robert von Heeren: Small cause, big effect. As of this writing, there are scores of named bodies in both classes Centaurs and Kuiper objects , which together constitute a completely different Solar System cosmos than the ones that any prior generations of astrologers or astronomers have encountered or even pondered.

The relationship between Kuiper objects and Centaurs is that many of the Centaurs, which resemble comets, are believed to have been pulled in from the Kuiper Belt and have taken up temporary orbits within the solar system. The Kuiper Belt - In a sense, Pholus offered a "vague precognition" to the discovery of these realms, other keywords given by von Heeren. Yet when Pholus is involved, such vague perception often leads to concrete and tangible results. Something starts like a wispy notion Neptune-styled and then rapidly takes on form Saturn-styled in an innovative, rapid or revolutionary way Uranus-styled and can have penetrating effects like Pluto.

Given that Pholus's orbit crosses the orbits of all three modern planets, with their revolutionary changes and compelling spiritual processes, as well as that of Saturn, you can be sure it carries enormous energy wherever it goes, that it can go nearly anywhere, and can wear many masks.

At times, the energy of Pholus feels like a pressure release, akin to shaking up a bottle of Pepsi on a hot day, and promptly opening it. It's just that the stuff keeps coming out.


A genie coming out of a bottle is perhaps a better metaphor, but that, too, comes with the sense of materialization. Pholus has a quality of opening the door to the infinite. Depending on the door, that may or may not be helpful, or seem helpful, but it is what it is and when Pholus has become active, it's necessary to get out of denial and work with the energy consciously. Pholus has the property of release from situations, thus opening to new possibilities, and emerging into new states of existence. Includes our standard license.

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